The Promise of Technology in Schools: The Next 20 Years Series (Intro and Ch 1)

Technology…  It is one of those things that is always evolving, changing, and being pushed by professionals to become better.  It is not something that ever stops and that can pose a problem for teachers who are usually trying to train students for the future.  In reality, there is very little we know for certain that will be skills that will be used in the future.

The Art of Questioning (What Makes a Good Teacher Series)

When one thinks of what makes a great teacher many different ideas come to mind:  Patience, love of people, love of developing people and relationships, or even a love of content that can be shared through the teaching process.  Overall, I think that a mark of a great teacher is to seek truth or at least to ask good questions that push the learners in the room to discover themselves, while immersing themselves in content that is being shared by a passionate individual that loves to help people grow.  This post is going to deal with the art of creating the question and how as teachers we need to master this skill before we can begin to hope to reach students.  

What Makes a Good Teacher? (Intro)

I have been thinking a lot about the future of education in America lately and I am not sure exactly what direction we are going to be traveling, but I have a feeling something big is going to be coming.  And, I say that because I felt like all of the battles of the last decade are beginning to slow down with some seismic shifts that will change our profession forever.  The money that that has been thrown at the problem has not helped, students are still stuck or are unsuccessful, and in reality we are almost fighting the exact same problems that have been fought over two centuries of educating American citizens.  Our shouting has gotten louder and faster with the internet, but the same problems continue to plague a country that regards the individual as responsible for the outcome of his or her life.    

What Makes My Class Unique?

What is my favorite thing about being a teacher?

Perhaps, it is because I am the son of an engineer or for some other reason I like to think of myself as a builder, but I enjoy constructing things with students as I inhabit the space of my classroom daily.

Lately, I have been pondering this question as I have been trying to define what it is I enjoy about my job.  Often times, I feel as if I get lost in the day to day mundane tasks of school life.  There are parts of my job that I do not enjoy as much as others.  I really don’t like doing the boring paperwork that appears in various forms and I often have to force myself to do it because I know it is required.  I know that overall it serves a purpose so I do it, but I do not enjoy doing it. 

2016: A Reflection

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After looking back at my 2016, I still feel very blessed to be where I am today.  As this year developed there were sometimes that I perceived my world to be bumpy and full of things that I didn’t necessarily want to do.  That being said, I also was given enormous opportunities that at the time terrified me, but now that I have settled in a little it feels wonderful.

What is the purpose of history?

The Pedagogue Podcast Episode 2 is now out.  I am going to try to do 30 podcasts over the course of the next year to see if I can stick with it.  I think if I can stick with it I will enjoy doing this.  I am  not worrying myself about quality right now and am using low tech devices to make this work for myself, since I have been so on the go these days.  I hope you enjoy!