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Civ Lab:

Gamification Collection: 

Lessons: (Newest to Oldest)

Articles of Confederation: A Lesson on America’s 1st Governmental Document

Newseum Andrew Jackson Dossier Project

  Rapid Fire Reading: A Reading Rotation

DBQ 360 Results

Wikipedia:  It's Not Totally Evil

Frosty The Snowman: Criminal?

Sole Results:  Was the US Successful from 1781-1789?

Tech .5 + Creativity .5 = Colonial Fashion Lesson

The Uses of Padlet

Hispanics in the Civil War

Reading Aloud with a Partner:  A Secondary School Reading Strategy

Thoughts on Teaching: (Newest to Oldest)

My Plan For The Year

How I Survived the Education Reset Button

Please Excuse my dust...

 Teachers and Coaches as Cultural Warriors

Every Moment is A Gift: A Quick List of the Gifts of A Classroom

Creating Educational Art:  What is stopping you?

The Riches of Teaching

My 1st Attempt at a Podcast

My Thoughts on Teaching Grit

It's Been A Year:  My First Volg Post

I Don't Care Anymore

Does Having a Blog For Your Students Work? (10 Tips on how to get started)

The Power of Social Media and Education (Pics of Kronborg Castle) 

Being Abroad Changed My Perspective On The United States and My Classroom 

Teaching is Hard...

Do You Find A Lot of Students Using The Blog?

The SOLE and Sugata Mitra's Experiment

Being a Teacher and Staying Fit


3 Things I Learned About Classroom Management This Year  

 A Note to New Teachers

What Do I Love Most About Teaching?

Edweek Teaching History by Encouraging Curiosity Analysis and Summary

Teaching:  Every Year Begins Anew 

The Chronicle of Higher Education:  The Rise of the Helicopter Teacher

Schwarten's List Of How To Be A Beast In School

Annenberg Learner -Newseum teacher Institute 

Annenberg Newseum Summer Institute 2014- Application Response

Teach Like Andrew Jackson

Is the STEM Crisis a Myth?    

A Look At The Past - Excited About The Future

It wasn't that way when I went to school. 

Student Creativity:  Memories of Jurassic Park Style Blue Prints, Black Clouds, and A Whole Lot of Questions

Making The Proverbial Difference:  Students Are More Than Numbers.  They Are People.

It's The Little Things

1st Post For Teacher Thoughts


Andrew Jackson:  Student Blogs

Test Day 

The Drawing of A Goatee:  The Surprise Reason

Breaking Bread With Family During The School Day (Catholic Schools Week Lunch)

Is Jack Black a Descendant of Paul Revere? 

30 Day Blogging Challenge

CivLab Partners:   

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