What Makes My Class Unique?

  • We follow the chronological Narrative of US history prescribed by MCPS as the base narrative.
  • We discuss philosophy in relation to history.
    • Enlightenment Philosophers, Thoreau, Just War Theory, etc.
  • We go beyond the traditional narrative
    • We've tried to expand the # of voices
    • We look at different styles of history and authors.
    • Transnational perspectives included.
  • We debate the existential questions regarding America.
    • We keep it civil and structured.
    • We discuss modern issues (Ex: Borders: Arbitrary or not?)
  • We develop each student's Classical Rhetoric skills: Argument: oral, written, etc.
  • We also remember this is a Humanities program and include projects that include acting, speaking, singing, etc. (Ex: Monologues, Western Expansion songs, etc)

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