21st Century Learning: Catching Up Or Leading the Way?

I thought that this summer I would do some light reading and would share that on my blog. Last year I became too overwhelmed with my new duties as a father and teaching a new group of learners to keep up with my blog.  I also wrote a couple of articles that ended up being lost, since I had some issues with my computer.  So at this point, I am entering the 21st century and using the google suite to make sure I don’t lose all of my work.  I know that overall, the Microsoft suite is still better in terms of sheer power, but I cannot get over how well the cloud works to preserve my materials using the google suite.  I had some occasions where I wanted to work on some of my writing, but I could not access all of my work because it was saved at home in word, so I am seeing if I can make the transition.  But really, this concept is a great way to introduce my summer reading theme that has been focused on the 21st century learner.