Live Action History W/ Mr Schwarten

Sorry for the delay on the writing.  I have been having a lot of different things going on that are exciting and have kept me busy.  Right now I am revamping our 8th Grade Scope and Sequence for next year and am trying to get things together for our trip to New York, while keeping on top of grading for my students.  I also sat on the textbook selection committee for my grade level and will probably be writing about the experience soon.

Soccer has also begun, which is fun and I am hoping we can repeat what we did last year with a winning season.   I will admit trying to juggle everything has been difficult, but I do feel blessed to be able to have a chance to work on something that has meaning to me and to be able to be more flexible with the materials I use.  If I really pull back and look at it with a positive attitude, I am living the dream. 

On another note I decided to try something new while I was traveling through Pennsylvania and stopped at Fort Necessity.  It is not perfect, but I gave it a shot.  I apologize for the wind and the sound quality not being perfect, but I thought it was better to try something new instead of not acting.  So without further ado, I bring you a new segment I am going to call Live Action History with Mr Schwarten.  I did not go too deep into specifics and just covered the basics, but I did walk around the Fort and the battlefield area.

What is in this episode:
1.  Discussion of the events leading up to the battle.
2.  The recreated Fortress and inside.
3.  The Tree Line where the French and Indian Allies would have stood.
4.  The recreated earthworks.

I hope you enjoy!


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