Need Classroom Design Ideas? Try Sheila Jane Teaching

I have been thinking lately about how I have been influenced by other people on the internet and in the teaching field.  I have had countless numbers of mentors and people who helped me become the man I am today.  Last year, I had been surfing around the net looking for ideas for my classroom when I came across Sheila Jane who had put a lot of emphasis on the importance of classroom design.  The video she posted made me really stop and think differently about what my classroom should look and feel like.

Introducing the Pedagogue Podcast

I have begun recording podcasts!  I wanted to find a way to get some of my thoughts out in a different way than only writing them out and the Pedagogue Podcast was born!  My first one includes the following topics:

The US Constitution and the Role of Women

Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year to those who read this blog!  Those who might be upset by my saying Merry Christmas just know that I am just trying to share my joy for a season I hold dear to my heart.  It is no different than when someone wishes me a Happy Hanukkah or Happy Diwali.  We are all just trying to show everyone that we wish them the best for the season.  Even if you just enjoyed the lights around town, I hope the last month was fun as you prepared in your own way for the new year!