3 Thoughts for the Day

1.     Finding time to write has been very limited for me lately.   My sleep has been limited, since we are going through all the changes with my daughter (Teething was last night.  1st one is starting to poke through) and have had some late nights.  I also have had lots to do at work and spent the last week focusing on getting my letters of recommendation completed for all of my students who are attempting to get into another magnet program.  I have just been thoroughly exhausted, since I have basically been getting to sleep late and waking up early so I can have a good lesson plan for my students when they walk in the door every morning.  Which brings me to number 2…

2.    My 30 day challenge in stopping my consumption of Coke was a huge fail.  Some days I have managed to reduce what I have been drinking, but this past week I needed a boost to just get through the day.  I know this is probably making the case worse, but when I have been prying my eyes open every morning my first instinct is to go to the drink I have been using since college every morning.  I am probably going to have to change my goal from no Coke to a reduced amount and see if I can do that.  Take baby steps…  I’ll let you all know how it goes.  Some of my students have been trying to encourage me to stay on track and I appreciate that even though I have basically failed miserably at this time.  Thanks for the encouragement guys!

3.     I have been begun to keep a journal of all of the assignments that I have been giving my students.  I am hoping that I can do some of my analysis and thought process on here so I can share with other teachers some of my ideas.  Teaching is a process that really does require the teacher to sit down and think about what they did in class and how it went.  Since I am teaching a different group of learners this year I have had some lessons that went relatively well and others that pretty much bombed (at least in my mind).  I plan to make more adjustments for next year, but I am also hoping that the reflection will help me do better this year as we progress.  Hard to believe that we are past the halfway point in the second quarter already. 

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