My Battle With Coca-Cola: A 30 Day Challege

Today, I made a decision.

 I am no longer going to let Coca-Cola dictate everything that I do in my life.  Lately, I have fallen off the wagon and have been drinking copious amounts of this substance.  Today was the first time in weeks I drank only one can.  I feel sluggish and tired, but so far I have resisted drinking Coke.  For anyone who knows me will know that I love to drink soda and that this is a monumental undertaking.

I have decided that I am going to take a 30 day challenge to reduce my coke intake to one can a day and hopefully to zero.  I also plan to drink plenty of water, which I have decided will be 3-4 bottles during my day.  I know that at times I will want to have a soda, but I cannot drink this when I wake up, when I eat a meal, and when I want to relax.  It’s time I take charge of my life in this regard.

 This is going to be extremely hard for me, since I have established habits that have been with me pretty much since college.  I don’t know if I will even make it, but I have to try.  I hope you will all cheer me on as I work at this.  I am hoping posting my attempt her might help me make it through this process. 

 As for day one, I have a serious headache, but I also feel like my brain is much clearer.  My day usually consisted of me having kind of a haze or halo around, my vision and brain as I reached the afternoon.  Today, I did not have that haze, but the headache I have been avoiding for years started to really get me by 6th period.  I also feel kind of hungry, since I didn’t drink probably an extra 600-1000 calories today.  I also am sleepy and sluggish, but I am hoping over the next couple days this will stop being so difficult.  I do feel nice and hydrated though, since I replaced my usual Cokes with bottles of water.

 Wish me luck.    

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