My Battle With Coca-Cola: A 30 Day Challege

Today, I made a decision.

 I am no longer going to let Coca-Cola dictate everything that I do in my life.  Lately, I have fallen off the wagon and have been drinking copious amounts of this substance.  Today was the first time in weeks I drank only one can.  I feel sluggish and tired, but so far I have resisted drinking Coke.  For anyone who knows me will know that I love to drink soda and that this is a monumental undertaking.

Articles of Confederation: A Lesson on America’s 1st Governmental Document

This year I am teaching in a different program and I am not using my civilization game like I have in the past.  I really wanted to see how things would go if I did not have it as a crutch and if I liked teaching without it.  The program I am teaching in this year there is a lot more project based learning and I am working my way through this year while trying to become a better teacher in general.  I really wanted to work on my abilities as a teacher and hone some of my other skills.  I miss the game and what it provided, but I also want to be able to have other skills as a teacher.