My Plan For The Year

I just want to lay out some thoughts here about what direction I want this blog to go for this year.  Last year I did the 30 day challenge in 1 year and I surpassed that number before the school year ended.  This year I am going to keep writing, but I feel I need to have a plan.  I have a child now, so I need to make sure I have enough time for my family.  I also am teaching a different class this year and still coaching soccer.  I want to keep writing here because it has helped me immensely and helped others.  I want to keep going, but it is evident that I cannot continue to keep writing like I did.  So I am writing out a plan to hopefully keep myself honest about how I want to proceed. 

Below is my plan:

1.     I plan to write at least 1 article a month.  If I write more than one great, but my goal is always one a month.  That will also give you readers an idea of when to come to the blog here.
2.    I plan to write about my experience trying to do some flipped lessons.  (My first one is right here: 
3.    I plan to continue to write about gamification.
4.    I plan to write up some more experience stories about my own learning to help people understand why I act the way I do. 
5.    I want to try to write out some book reviews this year to help me frame my thinking.

This is my humble plan for the school year.  I think these five things should give me plenty to write about.  My mind seems to be bubbling with thoughts these days.   

Is there anything anyone out there would like to see me write about or questions you would like answered?  I would be more than happy to share what I have learned over time.  Just leave me a comment blow.  

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