How I Survived the Education Reset Button

The Reset Button…

When I was a boy I used to play lots of video games and on the console was a button that would reset the game.  This button exuded evil…  The button itself was not evil, but I have many memories of someone hitting the button out of spite or anger when one of us began losing.  Or how about that time someone pressed it just because they felt like it when you had reached the final level after playing all day to get back at you for something you did days before?  Or what about the one time that my Dad was winning against my Godfather in Intellivision Baseball for the only time in the history of man when I ambled up as a toddler and decided to use my newly discovered motor skills to press the button.  My Dad never had another opportunity to win against my Godfather again, due to the fact my he was just that good at those games that sported stick men on the screen.  (I should know.  Despite training for an entire year on Intellevision Football, I was only able to kick 1 field goal and lost by a whole boatload of points when playing him…)  

Please Excuse my dust...

Hi Everyone,

I am currently trying to update my blog and make it look a little better.  So, please pardon my dust as I move things around.  Some of the things updated fine and some of them did not.   So I am working to make sure everything works on this one.  I found a template that I do like so hopefully I will get it all up and running soon.

Mr Schwarten