Every Moment is A Gift: A Quick List of the Gifts of A Classroom

I recently found out that I am not going to be able to return to coaching the boys JV Soccer team in the fall at the school I was coaching at.  I suppose I could rail against the decision the school made, but that just isn’t me at this point.  Years ago I would have probably lashed out, but at this point I am sad and will miss my chance to work with the youth that I had built a relationship with.  But it has made me come to a significant realization:  Every moment we share with our students or athletes is a gift.  

Creating Educational Art: What is stopping you?

I used to walk into museums and look at art pieces and think, “Man that is so simple.  I could have done that!”  I used to walk around kind of arrogant and not really appreciating the art.  As I grew older my perspective changed and I started appreciating art in a different light.  Modern pieces are not always my favorite, but I can at least wonder what exactly the artist is trying to say.  The work that was put into the piece was tremendous even if I cannot always relate with the feelings the person was trying to convey. 
Recently, in the Louisiana Museum of Art I walked along an artist’s creation that had a gravel ground with a stream of water flowing through the space, which carved its own path.  The people in the space were quiet and almost reverent as everyone took in the sight.  Years ago, I would have scoffed.  Today I marveled and wondered with all kinds of questions bursting forth and I ended up looking through the book in the gift shop to try to find the meaning.  I didn't find it, but it was a neat experience walking through what should have been outdoors inside as an interactive art piece.  So again, my mind goes to the place it always goes:  I could have done that.  All they did was lay rocks in a way that caused a downhill slope and let water flow down it.     

This was an amazing piece.
Louisiana Museum of Art, DK