DBQ 360 Results

John Marshall Analysis

I completed doing a DBQ in the 360 style.  I learned a few things while doing it and I enjoyed having them work to complete the DBQ this way.  The DBQ question had to do with the Indian removal Policy and how it changed over time.  We looked at documents from Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Tecumseh, and John Marshall, which gave us many different views.  

Wikipedia: It Is Not Totally Evil

So this is my 30th post in my 30 day challenge.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it in a month so I committed to the challenge over the course of the school year.  At the time I didn’t think I would have much to say or that I wouldn’t be able to stay committed to writing all of them.  I was wrong on both accounts and now I am completing the 30th post!  And, before the school year is even close to being done!  

So, set your goals everyone.  As long as they are achievable they will make you feel so good when you complete them!  I am loving proof blogging kind of picks up steam as you keep going! 
Now below are my thoughts on Wikipedia’s level of Evilness…

My 1st Attempt at a Podcast:

Hi all here is my first attempt at a podcast.  The quality is pretty poor, but I figure I will make this better as I go.  I did this on the fly, but like I tell the kids we need to try and work on it as we go.   

I discuss the following:

1.  How listening to Tony Robbins inspired me to help change my thinking about teaching.
2.  How we need to ask questions to make our teaching better.
3.  How to stay positive.
4.  Who am I?  Who are you?
5.  What kind of a teacher are you?

My Thoughts On Teaching Grit

I posted some new posters in my room today.  I think it is important to remind my students and myself what we should do in life.  Over time I have become a big believer that I was usually what was standing in the way of my success and I even sabotaged myself many times.  There are circumstances that make things harder for some than others, but in the end it is only what you choose to do with it.  Why did Carnegie become so rich?  He worked at it.  Why do some people get success and other do not?  Could be circumstances, but what about those who find a way?  What about those who create their own circumstances? 

Teaching the House of Burgesses/ Town Hall Meeting Using Civilization IV

Each class is given a nation to run in the simulation.  I want to stress that all of the decisions are made by the students and the solutions to their problems generated by the students.  The teacher here is a facilitator, a reminder as to what is available, and a resource to understanding concepts being applied in the game. 

 When I introduce the game the students have a mix of emotions.  Some are intrigued.  Some respond negatively because it is so different.  Others look at me severely confused.  I have to take the time to reassure them that they will understand more as we continue on.  They have never had a teacher do this.  I know I am the first one and I know it is scary for a lot of them.  So as we go through the journal and I show each place where information is located on the screen I make sure to help everyone.