It's been a year: My first Vlog post

This year has been really great.  I wrote a lot of different stuff and have grown my blog much more than I thought I was going to.  42 posts later, I have entered many different conversations and have been loving how much my thought process has grown.  I have started meeting great people and have grown as an educator.  I have surely come a long way since these 1st two posts:

And so in honor of my continued growth I present to the world my first Vlog post.  I kind of enjoyed filming myself and lately I even posted my own notes with my accompanied lecture.  I video below is not wonderful and I am sure I could work to make this better down the road, but I am plunging in.    I made it about my idea to do what I call Thesis 360, which uses the concept of the idea in the movie Teach for math.  I plan to use the boards to have them work out thesis statements and even to do some document analysis.  Should be interesting to see how it works out down the road.  I hope you enjoy.

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