Frosty the Snowman: Criminal?

If you are struggling to know what to do for the holidays with your social studies students take a look at Frosty the Snowman.  For years now, and especially when I used to teach NSL Government, I have shown Frosty the Snowman and asked the students to write down all of the crimes that Frosty commits throughout the movie.  When you frame the movie in that light it makes film much different and allows you as the teacher to talk about different kinds of crimes that exist. Here is a list of a few that the dastardly Frost commits as he makes his way to the North Pole and the movie to see if you can find some other ones:  

(This was the only youtube version of Frosty I could find. So sorry for all the Anime characters around the video.)

1. Stolen property.  (The Hat)
2. Removes Children from the school yard and is not their parents or guardians.  
3.  Kidnaps Karen.
4.  Jay walking.
5.  Public Indecency:  No Clothes.
6.  Stows away on the train without paying for a ticket
7.  Starts a forest fire
8.  Breaking and entering in the flower shop.
9.  Causes Karen to get Stockholm Syndrome.
10.  Child endangerment when Santa and Frosty leave Karen on the roof of her house.

It really is a fun thing to do, but I would only do this with older children.  Changes everyone's perspective.  Happy Holidays!

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