Do you find a lot of students using the blog?

Do you find a lot of students using the blog?

1.  I get the most hits the day before a test when kids go to it to review.

2.  I also use it to post assignments, etc when we use the computer so I know they know how to get there.

3.  I like using it because it keeps all my videos, etc in one place for me makes it easier for me to find stuff the next year.

4.  Parents have been pretty grateful about it.  I have on dad who is making his son look at it at least once a week to watch the videos on stuff we have already done and he liked my calendar feature.  Said he has been enjoying learning with his son, which was my original intention of building an online presence.

5.  Most parents were impressed during parent teacher conferences.

6.  I do still have some kids who do not have the internet though so I haven’t flipped the classroom where I only do the application in the classroom and have them go over notes at home.

7.   I like using it for posting my notes or gallery walks in the room.  I then absolve myself of needing to help them make up notes because it is available.  I've had some kids say ok and then come back the next day with the sheet completed because they went on the blog.

8.  It eliminates the issue of students missing the video in class if they are absent.

9.  My  blog is mobile friendly whereas edline I don’t think is or at least wasn't until recently.  (Lots of my kids don’t have computers, but have a phone they can use)

10.  I think advanced uses it the most and reviews the most.  The on level kids are kind of hit or miss or depends on the assignment.

11.  Once I didn't have enough time to get a list of the concepts for the kids that would be on a quiz so I told them I would post it by 4 PM after school.  I did and several of my students thanked me the next day, telling me it helped them.  So offers a way to project educational power beyond the classroom, which is something I really wanted.  

12.  My favorite thing about it is that it doesn't require a password like edline.  There is no excuse.  If you can use Google you can find this blog.

13.  I also really like this simple kind of web design.  I don’t have the skills to do anything really cool, but it helps me get my fix of fiddling with computers.  I guess the career test was right.  I enjoy web design, but I don’t know if I’d ever want to make it my job.  Kind of a fun hobby for me.

14.  It also helps me manage civ lab and give me a running account of what has happened in the game, which is something that was always hard for me to remember.  Plus, other schools can see what my students' governments are doing.  

So In short, I do find that my students use the blog.  I have some more than others that use it regularly, which is probably true about anything in the classroom.  You should give one a try.  It has helped me manage my classroom and helped students be more successful.

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