Schwarten’s List Of How To Be A Beast In School

1.       Do your best: 
·         As long as you do what is your own personal best no one can ever say you never tried hard enough.  At the end of the day your opinion is all that matters.  Those who do their best feel better about themselves and their life.  Trust me.   
2.       Try: 
·         Grades don’t go up by themselves.  They can only improve and stay up as long as you try.  Once you give up it is over.  Be a Scrapper and never forget how to try.

3.       Don’t you want to feel good about yourself? 
·         People who try hard and do well feel better about themselves.  Don’t you want everyone around you to praise your efforts?  If you stay on top of things no one will bug you about it and I guarantee you will feel good.

4.       Cultivate a Personality of Academic Dominance.
·         Andrew Jackson didn’t know how to lose and was dominate in almost everything he did.  If he wasn’t he worked at it until he was a beast and got what he wanted.  Got something that is giving you trouble?  Figure out how to dominate it. 

5.       Procrastination:  It is a Terrible Disease. 
·         It is a disease that has more complications as you get older and can grow like a tumor into all aspects of your life.  The only way to beat the disease is to get your stuff together and keep it together.  Learn this skill now while you still can… 

6.       “Get Yourself Another Plan!”
·         Things not working?  Why not try coming up with another plan?  After all the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  No one wants to be insane. 
7.         Lead by Example:
·         Tired of people playing or loafing around in class?  Be a leader and a voice of reason.  I need allies in every class who are dedicated to helping me keep a good classroom environment.  If we all work together those who try to disrupt our environmental harmony won’t be able to and we all can succeed.

8.         Life is hard, but it doesn’t have to be horrible. 
·         Every single person on Earth has things that have happened to them that make their life miserable.  Remember that the bad moments will pass.  Try to find things that you enjoy and can brighten up your day.  Remember you can choose to either laugh or cry.  I usually choose laugh… 

9.       Life is choices.
·         Do your best to choose wisely.  You won’t want to be sitting somewhere years from now wishing you had made better ones.  I know there are some I really would like to have a redo on.

10.    Life Is Also A Journey.
·         What is happening to you now will pass and a great many things will change.  School is supposed to help you grow as a person and give you tools to take on the world.  Take advantage of what we are all trying to offer you.  The more you try the better off you will be.  But in the end personal growth happens over time and sometimes you will fail.  It is ok as long as you remember number 1 and 2.    

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