It's The Little Things

I teach 8th grade so the kids I have are on their way to becoming independent human beings, but they still need a tremendous amount of help staying organized, etc.  I have found that some small little things can help the success of students, such as having in class folders for my On Level classes.  The folders help them to stay organized and hold onto the papers I give them.  I also recently discovered that if as the teacher I forget to place a name line on the top of the paper a huge portion of the students will forget to put their name on the paper.  It was amazing how many forgot and how huge a stack I ended up with that had no name for an assignment I gave recently.  So it really is the little things.  If we can remember to keep helping them with that organizational piece and prompting them with reminders then hopefully we will help them be more successful in high school.  Sometimes students success just needs a little push and a place to write their name on the top of a page.  If only all the other problems in education were so easily fixed.    

1st Post for Teacher Thoughts

This is the first post on a thoughts blog on education. I have been reading that I should try to create an online footprint that is unique to me. I finally have some time so I figured I would post some other thoughts. Not sure how often I will post thoughts on education or strategies, but it seems that most educators that are computer savvy have blog where they share ideas. Some have suggested that the blog has made them a better teacher, since it has helped them process thoughts on their lessons! Even if I don't do this to much, it should help me organize my thoughts on different subjects. So hear goes!